mike green - maker and sculptor

Welcome to my website which records a selection of my sculpture, commissioned work and other projects undertaken during the past few years.

I enjoy making things and using physical materials to create. Whilst the ‘makes’ are mainly a responce to a commission and often tend to entail outdoor performance and/or a community element; my sculpture is more personal and the final piece is often a result of a direct interaction and engagement with the material through the working process.

My ideas often come from a fascination with nature and my sculpture is an emotional and reflective way of  recording  and celebrating this. Often materials are left in an unfinished state to age and mature in the outside environment, forming interesting contrasts between the colour and texture of the working process and natural oxidation.

Lately I’ve started carving in stone, both local and Zimbabwean. I find the Zimbabwean stone is in the main very colourful and responds well to simple carving techniques, although springstone is much tougher.



photo: Jude Gidney